In Loving Memory of Rick Graham

In Loving Memory of Rick Graham

GRAHAM, Eric (Rick)
6th RAR 43149
Passed away peacefully 24th July 2017
Aged 71 Years
Loving husband of Sue.
Treasured father of Brett, Amanda, Colleen and Stephen, Denis and Danielle.
Adored Grandad of Bailey, Briahn, Danelle and Nick, Mikayla, Katie, Benjamin, Patrick and Kimberley.
Great Grandad Rohan, Thomas, Lucas, Hayden and Ella.
Son of Jack (dec’d) and Audrey
Brother of Stephen and Neil.

All are invited Remember Rick’s life at
Eco Memorial Park, 21 Quinn’s Hill Rd West, Stapylton (Brisbane)
On Friday 4th August 2017 at 2pm
Cremations Direct – 1300 854 363

Please leave condolence messages in comments below.

Clancy Holmes

In Loving Memory Of
Clancy Holmes

Passed away 12th June 2017
Aged 29 Years

Clancy Holmes

Loving son of Daniel and Helen.
Loving step-son of Mandy.
Treasured brother to Anna, Duncan, Ben, Helena, Thomas, Matilda and Angus.
Loving Grandson of William and Gay; Joe and Helen.
Dear Nephew to his Aunts and Uncles.

All are invited to remember Clancy at
Mt Thompson Memorial Park
West Chapel
Nursery Rd, Holland Park
On Friday 23rd June 2017 at 11am.
“Bring a Flower & a Memory”

Cremations Direct
1300 854 363

You are welcome to leave condolence messages in the comments below.

Gary Leonard Clayton

Gary Leonard ClaytonGary Leonard Clayton

Passed away peacefully May 29 2017
Aged 62 years
Loving Son of Joyce and Leonard.
Beloved husband of Viv.
Treasured father of Rohan and Bec, Nathan and Kylie, Guy, Bryce and Haylee, and Alicia.
Adored Poppy of Jed, Sacha, Jordy and Brodie.

All are invited to Gary’s Memorial Service at 5 Ravenswood Crt, Carindale (Brisbane)
On SUNDAY (June 4, 2017) at 1.30 p.m.
In lieu of flowers, donations to
Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.

Cremations Direct – 1300 854 363

Feel free to leave your condolence messages below in comments.

In Loving Memory of Judith Hammond

In Loving Memory Of Judith Hammond

Judith Ann
Passed away peacefully 21st May 2017.
Aged 77 Years
Loving Wife of Ken (dec’d).
Loving Mother of Karl, Jacqueline and Angela.
Treasured Nana of Jeanette, Alex, Dayna, Ethan and Bella.
Loved Sister of Richard, Jill and Bob.
All are invited to Celebrate Judith’s Life at
Great Southern Memorial Park, Mt Cotton Road, Carbrook, on
1st June, 2017, at 2 p.m.
Cremations Direct
1300 854 363

Scattering Ashes Rules and Regulations

Scattering Ashes Rules and Regulations

Scattering Ashes Rules and Regulations – Last week we had the honour of being a part of an ashes scattering ceremony at Noosa. What a beautiful final resting place.

Many people ask us about the regulations and requirements around scattering ashes.

  • Can I scatter ashes on public land or in the bush?
  • Can I scatter ashes on the water?
  • Can I scatter ashes on the bay or out to sea?

The simple answer is yes.

So what are the scattering ashes Rules and Regulations?

Where can memorial placements take place?

This is directly from the Queensland Government Website

“You may scatter ashes on land or water and hold a small, private ceremony—no permit is required.”

Please refer to the site link below

Queensland Government Website

Would you like your ashes scattered? If so where? Put your requests on paper.

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Dove Release for a Funeral

Why provide a dove release for a funeral or memorial service?
Sometimes we need to be given permission to focus on the simplistic beauty of nature. The white dove is a symbol of peace. Cremations Direct conduct these symbolic dove releases for you as a family. You can have the opportunity to cradle the dove in your hands. You then release the dove heavenward as it flies away to embark on a new journey. The release of white doves at a funeral or memorial ceremony provide an act of comfort to all as the doves make their way heavenward. Doves represent peace.

Often, upon releasing the doves we read a heartfelt poem as the birds begin their journey homeward. This can be read out by one of your family, a close friend or the celebrant presiding over your ceremony.

Poem Dove Release for a Funeral

On the wings of this dove
Your spirit flies free
As it makes it’s way homeward
In the heavens to be
Your spirit is now soaring
Far from the troubles of this life
Where there is no pain or sorrow
No more suffering or strife.
And though we’ll miss you dearly
We are thankful for your love
And for the time we shared with you
Down here upon this earth
We miss you but we send you
On the wings of a pure white dove
To be reunited in heaven
May you be wrapped in love.
©Esther Swanborough 2016

And so, as you say “Till We Meet Again” to this person who meant so much to you in life and in death, may you be comforted by a tangible symbol of peace and love and you let go of this bird of peace as it makes the journey home to that place beyond the sky.

If you would like to organise a dove release for your loved one. Feel free to book this with your funeral planner at

Dogs grieve too.

We had the absolute honour of meeting Stanley last week. He came into our funeral home to say a final farewell to his owner. The two have been together since Stanley was a little pup. The owner’s granddaughter brought Stanley in. He had been fretting at home and she thought that it might just help. So, you see, dogs grieve too.

It is a new experience for Cremations Direct to offer comfort and support to an animal who is so completely and utterly devoted to his master. This poor boy was grieving and it is our role as funeral directors to offer our condolences and support in the best way possible.

Stanley propped himself up on the couch by the coffin and stayed there for a good half hour. We don’t know how much he was taking in and what was going on for him. We do know that Stanley was afforded the opportunity to grieve and to say his goodbyes.

Stanley is such a sweet old boy and received a good deal of attention and affection from the team here at Cremations Direct, who just happen to all adore animals. Stanley is quite the charmer also. He received lots of pats, hugs and a bowl of water just in case he was thirsty. We hope that in some small way we made a difference by affording Stanley the opportunity and permission to express his grief in the loss of his life time friend and companion.

We know that because of the passing of Stanley’s owner, life will not be the same for him. Not only does Stanley need to adjust to not having his owner around anymore, he needs to adjust to the fact that he is moving into a new home and a new environment with his owner’s granddaughter. Dogs grieve too and this old boy has been given the right to grieve his loss.

We do know that Stanley is very much loved and will be well cared for and spoilt as he enters his senior years. And when Stanley’s turn comes to be reunited with his companion and owner, he too will be cremated. His owner’s wishes were that they be together, so Stanley ashes will be placed in the same urn as his master.

Until that time, we at Cremations Direct wish Stanley all our love.

How to Help a Grieving Friend

Here is some practical advise on how to help a grieving friend. Grief, love and loss are entwined with a myriad of emotions from loss to the injustice of death. It is at these times that we need our friends to provide support, comfort, guidance and hope.

Below is a list of practical ways on how to help a grieving friend.

Spend time caring for your own sadness first.

Before you pop around to see your friend and extend the hand of friendship in their time of grief, take a moment to come to terms with your own emotions. The last thing you want for your friend is to need to step in and comfort you in their loss. Just take a moment to pause and reflect on your own feelings so that you are able to visit your friend knowing you can be there to support them in the best possible way. It is okay to hug them and shed tears, but be there for them in their time of grief. The focus needs to be on the care of your friend.

Think about how your friend might be feeling.

One of the best ways on how to help a grieving friend is to acknowledge their grief and the emotions around that. Just your presence in the room can make a difference. Grief is as individual as the person and their connection with their loved one. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. However, there are some basic signs of grief that are acknowledged. These include anger, denial, bargaining, depression and acceptance. They will not fall in a neat order and these emotions are not a linear experience, instead they are circular and can be experienced in fast or slow waves of varying intensity. Grief is natural and normal. However, if your friend experiences these emotions to an intensity that it is isolating and limiting, it is always advisable to connect with a grief counsellor or professional provider. These people are trained to offer and assist with moving through grief. It never hurts to seek outside help.

So you don’t know what to say?

This is perfectly normal. It is far better not to say anything than try to say words that will cause distress.  Phrases to be avoided include

  • “I know how you feel” – because most of the time we do not understand
  • It is better not to share your grief experiences with them. This needs to be about your friend
  • “It was God’s will” – This can be quite hurtful
  • “They’re in a better place”
  • “Life goes on and everything happens for a reason”
  • “He had a good innings”
  • “You’ll get through this – be strong”

Better phrases to use

  • I can’t comprehend how you must be feeling. Just know I am here for you
  • I am praying for you or you are in my thoughts
  • Life will not be the same but I am here to help you through

Be present

The best act of kindness that you can give your friend is to be present for them. Sometimes words are not adequate. It is far more comforting to have someone with them, to gently hold their hand or to give them a hug. Just making them a cuppa can bring a little comfort.

How to help a grieving friend in practical ways.

How to help a grieving friend in practical ways. Do not say if there is anything I can do, please give me a call. Chances are your friend is too grief stricken to take you up on this offer. When you meet with them, observe that practical day to day living tasks that need to be done. While you are there just ask permission. “Can I do this for you”

Practical tasks may include

  • mowing the lawn or watering the garden
  • doing the washing or ironing
  • managing the myriad of phone calls coming through
  • providing a cooked meal
  • cleaning the house
  • picking up people from the airport
  • doing some shopping for them

Most importantly…

A good friend is there through the good times and the bad times. You are there to lend a shoulder to cry on or to be a sounding board. You are there to help ease the burden in practical ways. You are there when everyone else has moved on with their lives and the phone calls and visitors cease.

May you be blessed as you journey through this season of grief with your friend.





Memorial Service for Dad

Our Story


Dad didn’t want a funeral. He made it quite clear to all the family that he wanted a direct cremation with no service. He wanted his ashes scattered out on the farm up on the hill overlooking the house. Instead of a service we decided to have a gathering and an ashes scattering tribute. This is our story.

Memorial Service For Dad

7 ways to remember the man we loved

  1. Dad loved nothing better than a family picnic and a cold beer with mates. We decided to invite family and friends over to “Remembering Dad Picnic” on the farm.
  2.  We created an informal gathering with his favorite country an western music playing.
  3.  Instead of the traditional eulogy, those who wanted, offered a toast and a bit of a speech the the man we loved.
  4. We set up areas around the gathering with photos, his tractors and a table with the assortment of hats he wore including his favorite tattered ones he refused to throw out.
  5. We placed Dad’s ashes where he wanted them scattered. We then planted a tree in his memory.
  6. Everyone was given a card to write their own memories of Dad. These will be placed in an album for his grandchildren and for future generations.
  7. My sister gathered Dad’s shirts and made each family member a “shirt cushion” as a remembrance keepsake of our father.

So many came up to us after the memorial service for Dad and commented on what a lovely send off Dad had. We captured his personality down to a tee – from the music, the food, the tributes and toast to the man we loved – every part captured the essence of our father. He would have been proud. It gave us great comfort and release to know we were able to honour Dad in this way and to also honour his wishes. We have lasting memories in place for future generations from the planting of the tree, to the memorial cards and the keepsake cushions my sister made. Each one played a special part in making the memorial service for Dad personal and meaningful.

Feel Free to share your memorial ideas in the comments below.

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Direct Cremations Only

Cremations Direct offer cost effective and affordable funeral options. We work for you to cut funeral costs not the service we provide. Cremations Direct provide funeral care to suit your budget and needs.

Direct Cremations Only Cost $1490.00

What is Direct Cremation?

This is a no service cremation. Family to not attend the cremation. There is no funeral service. Cremations Direct transfer your loved one into our care. Our cremations specialist will meet with you to organise the direct cremation. This can take place at the family home or at one of our offices. This involves filling out all documentation required for cremation to take place. We explain each step to you. Once the documentation is filled in your cremation specialist will organise the cremation to take place. Your cremation specialist will organise return of ashes if required.

Why Are Direct Cremations Only $1490.00 ?

The amount of time it takes for our cremations specialist and support staff to organise a direct cremation is far less than a Cremation Service. This is why cremation costs are less.  Direct cremations only $1490.00 –  services provided below.

  • Cremation Specialist (Certificate IV Qualified Funeral Director) to meet with you to organise all documentation required for cremation either in the comfort of your home or at one of our offices.
  • Transfer of deceased within business hours
  • Mortuary Specialist (Certificate IV Qualified Embalmer) to care for your loved one
  • Direct Cremation Coffin
  • Form 4 Cremation Permit from Second Doctor
  • Death Certificate, including 5 certified copies
  • Cremation
  • Cremated remains or ashes returned to the family. (If requested)

View our Cremations Direct Calculator for complete breakdown of costs

Can I have a viewing?

Yes you can. There are extra fees involved. Just because you choose a no attendance cremation does not stop you or other loved ones from spending precious time with your loved one. Speak with your cremations specialist to organise a viewing time in the Cremations Direct viewing room.

For cost of viewing refer to our Cremations Cost Calculator

What happens to the ashes?

This is a personal choice. Your loved one may have left you instructions. If not, below are some options that may assist you in your decision.

  • Scattering of ashes by the next of kin
  • Placing them in a memorial garden at the crematorium (fees apply)
  • Purchasing an Urn (fees apply)
  • Having the cremated remains scattered at the crematorium (some crematoriums charge for this service)

View Cremations Direct Urn Selection

If you are unsure please do not hesitate to speak with your cremation specialist.

Can I hold a Memorial Service after the Cremation?

Yes. This is a personal choice. If you need any assistance in organising a memorial service, speak with your cremations specialist from Cremations Direct.

Venue Options

  • At the family home
  • Memorial Church Service
  • Memorial Service held at the Crematorium Chapel
  • Alternative Chapel Venue
  • Outdoor Venue
  • Memorial Service held at the time of scattering the ashes

Cremations Direct are here to serve.

Direct Cremations Only $1490.00

Our cremation specialist is here to answer any of your Questions.

Contact us for obligation free adise.

Direct Cremations Only